David Guerra Sound art - music
Dematerialise, David Guerra, aadn


with Pierre Amoudruz

music creation

live performance


Audiovisual live performance around body orchestration and instrumental gesture


Dématérialisé is live performance at the crossing between visual and sonic media. Through enigmatic gestures, we shape and orchestrate sequences of sounds and visuals, impregnated by a disturbing and intoxicating poetry. In Dématérialisé, technologically enhanced bodies prevail on our reality, making eternal life within our reach.





Conception & live act: D.Guerra & P.Amoudruz

Light creation: Pascal Krieg-Rabeski

Production: AADN

Co production: Vidéoformes, festival international d’arts numériques - Clermont-Ferrand (63)

Oudéis, laboratoire pour les arts numériques, électroniques et médiatiques - Le Vigan (30)

Labo de l’ASCA - Beauvais (60)

Support : Le Hublot (06), les Abattoirs (38), Videophonic (69), Fonds SCAN

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