David Guerra Sound art - music


Hypermetrop, David Guerra, music, composition, Lyon, dance, mapping, AADN, Beamart, Hafid Sour


Have you ever dreamt of making the city dance?

Hypermetrop is an interactive installation mixing video mapping and augmented dance. Hypermetrop is also a participative dance performance, in which the moving bodies interact with the surrounding walls inviting the whole building to dance. The dancers reveal and transform the surrounding architecture by linking their movements to generative videos projected on the walls.

This performance questions on different levels the relationship between Man and the society he lives in.


with Hafid Sour - Beam'Art - François Moncarey

music composition





Choregraphy : Hafid Sour

Dancers: Kareem Beddaoudia, Sayaka Hori

Music compositino: David Guerra

Programming : Benjamin Petit ,Antoine Vanel & françois Moncarey (CeNC)

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