David Guerra Sound art - music

Svindrön, aka David Guerra, is a sound artist, composer, performer, sound designer and developer, living in France.


He began his live performer career in the Lyon IDM/techno scene in 2007. Evolving in different artistic scenes, he developed collaborations with video artists, dancers and choreographers as well as electroacoustic musicians and engineers.

His work combines the precision of electroacoustic music, the stirring beats of techno, the strength of drone music patches and the wooden warmth of instruments such as guitars or sanza.

Sensitive to total work of art, David Guerra works on different collaborative projects and creations that combine in a single art piece sound, dance, and visual arts.

Performing under the stage name Svindrön, David Guerra reveals his talent and ingenuity for electronic music, inspired by the key figures of electronica and IDM music.



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