David Guerra Sound art - music
Reverrance, HiknNunk, Monthey, Suisse, David Guerra, Pierre Amoudruz, aadn


with Pierre Amoudruz

live performance


Audiovisual live performance

What’s the rush to take your time?

In today’s hyperconnected society, we are surrounded by information, tracked and pursued in our most profound intimacy by consumerism and a constant pressure for efficiency. Taking stand for a possible deceleration, Reverrance invites its audience in contemplative journey through music and video. Handling and editing sound and video in real time, the performers create in front of the audience a living video concert, both narrative and poetic, in a Warp electro-pop style.

To rediscover the carefree attitude of a child, to read a good book, to wonder around with no particular aim, to leave...Reverrance is an invitation to stop time.

An opportunity to wander...not so far from dreams.

music composition



Conception & performance:

David Guerra (music)

Pierre Amoudruz (video)

Production: AADN

Co-production: Bizarre!

© svindrön - 2017